Meet & Greet

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of [a]witnesses [who by faith have testified to the truth of God’s absolute faithfulness], stripping off every unnecessary weight and the sin which so easily and cleverly entangles us, let us run with endurance and active persistence the race that is set before us,” Hebrews 12:1 AMP 

Look up at the sky above on a sunny day with the robust cumulus clouds – that’s a pretty expansive space. Well imagine that space being filled with the people who have partaken in your life. Can you imagine how many people know you by name or have known of you from a distance throughout your lifetime? There are many. 

There are many whom we brush shoulders with, but there is a more intricate circle we can label as witnesses. A witness is a person who sees an event take place and the verb witness means to have knowledge of an event or a change from personal observation or experience. 

Who is witnessing your life’s trajectory? 

I am not talking about who sees your life from a screen – where you are probably just showing the highs of the day. But who is witnessing the heartache, the impurity, the anxiety, depressive thoughts, joyful moments, the growth in your understanding, the leaps of faith you take, and the fruit of the seeds you sowed years ago? 

If you don’t already know, you are not supposed to live this life alone. And the more meaningful people around you the more abundant your life is. 

NOW – that is a big statement I just made because I am an introvert who likes to have two or three friends that actually know my life. But God has really been stretching me this past year to grow in my trust in Him and the body of Christ. 

I wanted to share some things I’ve learned along the way: 

  1. We are all broken, God gives His grace to us and through us to others. Man oh man I’ve been hurt and verbally attacked many times which led me to fear being known by too many people who already knew each other. I thought, “Well what if they all reject me and come against me – I’ll be alone yet again.” But I know that first – my God is always with me and second – Holy Spirit guides us and others in forgiveness. 
  2. There are divine appointments, there are people we are MEANT to meet. I don’t believe in coincidences. There are some people that come and go, but some people you are supposed to encounter. I can tell you that I can name at least 4 people that I KNOW God wanted me to meet. For example my spiritual parents, Chris & Kim Lee. As I reflected on how GOD intended for me to be in Richmond after graduation, I realized that ALL THREE times God tried to get me there, I would have met my spiritual parents. Both of them were connected to the internship I had wanted to do, the organization I wanted to work for and the church I ended up attending. No matter which way God used to bring me to Richmond, I would have met them. Which leads me to …
  3. Be obedient to God’s voice and submit to the authority you are placed under. I wouldn’t have met my spiritual parents had I continued to be disobedient. I was so caught up in my own sin that it held me back from walking out on faith because I kept thinking WHO AM I to do this. Letting go of sin that entangles us requires the hands and feet of others who are witnessing our struggles. Additionally, wherever God leads you to there is an order to spiritual authority. There are leaders we are to submit to because we are to learn from them. If you are not learning it may not be because of the leadership at your church, but because of your disobedience and lack of submission to God’s authority and the authority he has given to those whom lead.

You were not created to run this race alone. It cannot be just you and God. Jesus was surrounded by disciples and people yearning to learn. Who will you be witnessing to if you are hiding from relationship?

I really feel a tug to dig into topics around community and networking within the church. This is hopefully an intro blog post to a series of posts – share and comment if you want to see more!

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